Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The pink cake continued

And finally a close up of the finished cake, I completed this yesterday 05/01/09
A close up of the lettering to show the light pink.
Here is the finished cake, the lady who bought it was extremely happy and I can't wait to hear how her sister felt about it.
Here I have started piping the letters in place and the 3 and 0 are in place.
Here I have added more fondant circles in alternating colours, Happy Birthday will be placed here.

New Year update

The circles are added to the cake, these are where the recipient's name will be written.

All dot's piped on in 2 different sizes and 2 different colour pinks.
Close up of the ribbon.
I was asked to make this cake for someone's 30th birthday, they specified it must be pink and funky, the following photos show it progressing as I decorated it.

This cake I made on the 28th December 2008 for a close friends birthday he is into sports cars :)
Hi all and a Happy new year to everyone, hope you all had a wonderful x-mas. I haven't done very much stitching in the past few months as I have been baking a lot, I am hoping that one day I will be good enough to make a business out of it. I am now going to try and put some pics on lol.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

My WIP's - Works in progress

This is my second largest design. It is of a photo I charted myself of my brother and his wife on their wedding day, this is my bro's hair lol.
This is how big it is, I have done a bit more than this now but haven't taken a piccie yet.
This is my latest and biggest project to date. It is an afghan blanket I am stitching on for my friends baby. It will hopefully have 9 completed designs of Somebunny on there byt the time the baby is due is January, really have to get my skates on with it.

UFO's - un-finished objects

How much I've done so far.
And this one is for me, it reminds of my 3 children as they all look the right age to by my kids lol, I also hope to complete this next year.
What it will look like when finished.
This is of Classic Winnie the Pooh, for my cousins baby boy.

This is a big design of Care Bears which I started years ago for my daughters bedroom, I hope to tackle my UFO's next year.

Exchanges I've taken part in

And this is another from the birthday exchange I'm in.
A panda card also for the birthday exchange I'm in.
A kingfisher card for a Birthday exchange I'm in.
This is the design I stitched to go in a mousemat for an x-mas exchange, I loved stitching this.

Cross Stitch cards and other stitched items

And this is of the front, I would love to make some more for my new tree this year.
This is my very first pendibulle. Isn't it cute. This is the back of it.
This was a birthday card for my cousin in Scotland.
And these are Wedding invitations and name places I made for my auntie's wedding in 2002. I made 50 invitations and 120 name places.
This one as you can see was for my nan's birthday, she loved it.

I made this card for my next door neighbor when she had a baby boy earlier this year.

Some of my completed work

I stitched this for my mum when I was 7 months pregnant, I stayed up all night the day before mothers day to get it finished so I could rush it to the framers.
This one is also hanging in my mums house. I like to think of it as myself and my 2 sisters, she loved it, it was also the very first cross stitch I did 11 years ago.
I stitched this for a First past the Post competition and won, I received some lovely goodies.
And this one I did for Ty-Hafan, you can really see the detail in the flesh.